Custom Tradeshow Booth Design for Wet Noses Organic Pet Treats 2019

Booth Design Client

Wet Noses Organic Pet Treats

Booth Styles

Fantasy, Playful,

Price As Shown



Tradeshow Booth Description

Wet Noses is a unique pet food company establishing itself as a leader in the market with their all-natural, organic pet treats. At a conference full of competition, Wet Noses needed to stand out as leaders in high quality, human-grade pet food. Boothology designers created a welcoming, homey installation that emphasized the idea of pets as members of the family. Details like baskets of toys and inviting seating helped to facilitate Wet Noses’ goal of interacting with high numbers of customers and furry friends. By utilizing recycleable cardboard tubes and FSC certified lumber, Boothology created a booth that truly reflects our client’s commitment to ecofriendly and sustainable materials. This 20’X20′ pet industry tradeshow booth was designed with a playful look using biodegradable and recyclable booth construction materials including FSC certified wood, cellulose fiberboard and paper tubes. Goal: Pacific NW Log cabin with a modern, unique twist. Our solution was thick wall cardboard tubes with walnut plywood. Eco cred 3/3.


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