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First launched back in 2006, the Sustainable Brands show is one of the largest international tradeshows focusing on eco-friendly businesses, forward-thinking environmental policies, brand strategy, marketing and sustainability professionals who are leading the way to a better future. This 20’X20′ custom ecofriendly and recyclable tradeshow booth was designed with an open floor plan and a natural, playful look. It was built using 100% recyclable materials including cellulose fiberboard, reinforced paper tubes and FSC Certified Wood. Boothster partnered with Ecor, a superb biodegradable material. Here is some helpful information on this amazing material:

What is ECOR? ECOR is a composite material (an alloy) formed from cellulose fibers, pressure, water and heat. The raw panels can be made from residuals such as old paper, cardboard, coffee ground, hemp, cotton, paddy straw or any type of plant material.

Here is a link to Sustainable Brands:

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